Samuel’s Coffee House is named after Samuel Holland, the intrepid British surveyor who mapped Prince Edward Island and made a significant contribution to the Island’s rich blend of history, tradition, and heritage. Owned and operated by Moyna Matheson, a sixth generation descendant of Samuel Holland, Samuel’s Coffee House stands as a testament to his sense of adventure and long-lasting connection with the people of Prince Edward Island.

Who was Samuel Holland?

Samuel Johannes Holland was a British Royal Engineer who served and fought alongside famous sea captains like war hero Brigadier-General James Wolfe, and Captain James Cook.

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It was a time of great discovery and adventure when Samuel Johannes Holland landed on the red shores of Prince Edward Island. In 1764, Holland was appointed as First Surveyor General of British North America. The following two years, Samuel meticulously surveyed and mapped the Island into a series of “lots,” – a blueprint of the Prince Edward Island we know today.

Samuel’s is located in one of Summerside’s most iconic buildings, which has stood in the heart of the city’s commercial district for more than a century. Known to residents as “the Journal building,” it was built in 1895. Visible from every vantage point on Water Street, its history and unique rounded structure makes it an important part of the downtown scape.

We care about our past, especially as it shapes our future. We want to be part of your every day; we want to make you the cup of coffee that makes the best things in your life seem closer, and more possible.

At Samuel’s, coffee represents an experience in every cup. It’s the feeling you get from a warm mug in your hand, those first moments of post-coffee clarity, the comfort of a great environment, friendly people, and healthy, local food. We offer a “big city” atmosphere with the small town feel people appreciate and trust.

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