At Samuel’s, coffee represents an experience in every cup. It’s the feeling you get from a warm mug in your hand, those first moments of post-coffee clarity, the comfort of a great environment, friendly people, and healthy, local food. We believe a good coffee shop is inviting, a place to take a breather, relax, and put your day in order.

At Samuel’s, we’re focused on blending our rich Island heritage with modern ideas, and locally sourced ingredients. We’re proud of our history, and we’re committed to an even brighter future. In addition to our beverage and menu selection, we’re proud to offer a number of Samuel’s products including our famous mugs, unique coffee and tea blends, t-shirts, and other Samuel’s merchandise.

Owned and operated by Moyna Matheson, a sixth generation descendant of Samuel Holland, Samuel’s endeavours to keep Holland’s legacy alive through our commitment to honouring the past, and our vision for the future. At Samuel’s we believe that the true measure of success in life is what you give back to your community and the people in it.

Eat well, drink well, live well.

Moyna Matheson

Moyna Matheson


True to her heritage, Moyna began Samuel’s in an adventurous pursuit. Her vision included a relaxed environment, healthy food, incredible coffee, and a rich vibrant culture. In 2011, she opened Samuel’s which has become an important gathering place, in the heart of Downtown Summerside. Moyna is a dedicated entrepreneur who is passionate about her community, her heritage, and providing her customers with an unforgettable café experience.

Bev Blanchard

Bev Blanchard


Bev has been with Samuel’s since the beginning and manages the daily operations with an uncanny ability to turn strangers into regulars, and regulars into friends. A true coffee lover and skilled barista, Bev is a much-appreciated member of the Samuel’s team and Summerside community.

Louise Brooker

Louise Brooker

Head Baker

Louise joined Samuel’s in 2013 after relocating from the United Kingdom with her four children. Highly skilled at her trade, Louise was a perfect fit as head baker for Samuel’s. Known for her sense of humour, Louise shows her love of life and people through everything she does.

The Team

In addition, Samuel’s employs a treasured staff of about 20 like-minded people. The team is chosen very carefully, and seems to always become a part of our family. They want to be a part of something that matters and it is more than a job to them. Their job is to make people feel good every day and they do it well and they do it with care and compassion.

About the Recipes

Our recipes are a blend of traditional flavours and modern tastes.

Each Samuel’s recipe tells a story of its own. From one generation to the next, our recipes have been handed down through Moyna’s family. In the early days, Monya’s sister Nora, worked as the lead-baker for Samuel’s before handing the family recipes and trade secrets over to Louise, who continues to bring our flavours to life through her own personal style and secret recipes of her own.

Samuel Holland

Surveyor and Explorer

Samuel’s Coffee House is named after Samuel Holland, the intrepid British surveyor who mapped Prince Edward Island and made a significant contribution to the Island’s rich blend of history, tradition, and heritage.

Our History

A special blend of Samuel’s coffee dedicated to the memory of a special friend.

The Grady Bean Story